Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!  It never fails, the Gourmet Girl and her Mama, have bonding cooking moments when we are on our breaks.  This week was no exception.  We made peppermint dark chocolate truffles.....yummy and so easy: Ghiradelli dark chips, heavy cream, and crushed candy canes....did we say, YUMMY!

Gourmet Girl kicked her Mama out of the kitchen area to make her pumpkin bread-no assistance.  This is a first for her.  Let me tell you, I am biased, but that bread was so moist and delightfully tasty.  Margaret-Jane increased the oil content and voila- super moist!  Margaret-Jane also made some Ghiradelli chocolate chip pumpkin bread-heavenly!!

For the first time in about 19 years, my famous veggie and beef soup was made perfectly.  On Christmas Eve, we got to enjoy this with new and sure to be dear friends.  Needless to say, Mama burned our famous sweet cornbread muffins-ugh.  (Thankful for gracious guests!)  Where was Gourmet Girl when I needed her most!!

We hope your holiday's were memorable, meaningful, and Jesus filled! Until we post again-G-d speed to you.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Too long!

Margaret-Jane has reminded me and reminded me to get on our

Yesterday, as we geared up for a tea party/picnic in the living room, complete with dainty tea cups and polka dot table cloth, and some home made cookin', M-J reminded me AGAIN.  That is it....I wrote myself a note, and here I am, finally writing.

We made roasted acorn and butternut squash die for!  Margaret-Jane used her superior seasoning skills-garlic, pepper, basil and honey.  We made Sparkling Princess Punch and Lemon Shortbread.  Our stuffed animals, not to mention us, ate well!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Guacamole, Apple Muffins and Egg Salad say this post is long over due would be an understatement.  My beloved Margaret-Jane has reminded me on multiple occasions that I needed to post.  Here I am posting a whirlwind cooking review. 

Margaret-Jane and I are on summer break and getting in some good cooking and food creating time together.  She has made guacamole two times now.  I cut the avocados in half, put some mayo in the mixing bowl, and put the spices out on the counter that she will need, and she completes it....she is a "sniffer."  She puts a bit of garlic powder in and then smells, then some cilantro and sniffs, and then some salt and pepper.  She feels that by smelling it, she can tell if more spices are necessary.  It works because her guac has proven delightful on both accounts!

I have an old recipe for apple muffins that I have been using for about 14+ years.  Prior to having my own cook books, I went to the library and copied down recipes; this one happens to be from that time (when I first was learning to cook).  I let the Gourmet Girl try her hand at the recipe.  I helped by cutting apples and holding jars and teaching her how to measure out teaspoonfuls of this and that.  Once again, she made some yummy and healthy muffins.

Today I asked her if she wanted to make her own egg salad....she did and used that "sniffing" technique....yummo egg salad.  Maybe I should just leave her in the kitchen and go prop my feet up.

On a side note: as Margaret-Jane and I spend time together, I worry that I am not doing enough, not playing enough, not giving her enough, and then I realize in these "cooking/kitchen" moments that we are creating memories together that will go the mile.  I love that girl!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Magic Cookies

Mama's friend, Mrs. Carol, gave me Magic Cookie ingredients before Christmas.  Mama guided me but let me work my "magic."  No pun intended!!  Haha.  It was a layer of butter, graham cracker crumbs, coconut, chocolate chips, pecans (that had to be chopped, and I chopped them by myslef in the chopper), and sweetened condensed milk.  They looked lovely even before mama put them in the oven.  They came out YUMMO.  We brought them to Ms. Barbara and Mr. John's for our Christmas celebration with them.  Mama and I enjoyed being together and sharing our end result with our friends. 

I am ready to make something new...I guess I will need to talk to my mama about be continued.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tomato Soup!

The Gourmet Girl chose to make fresh tomato soup....lots 'o tomatoes, chicken broth, garlic, onions, olive oil, dash of sugar, and a dash of pepper.  She blended it, and TADA....fabulous tomato soup....the best I have ever tasted.  Gourmet Girl felt it was missing something....hmmmm....she added a touch of salt, some parmesan cheese....hmmm...."Still needs something else," she says.  "Oh, how about some basil.  We need Grampie's fresh basil."  I say that it is not basil growing season in NY right now, so we will have to settle for using dried basil.  Gourmet Girl says that although it is more tasty, fresh basil would be even better!! 

GG has decided to make tomato BASIL soup with Grampie over the Christmas holidays.  She will be purchasing (her mama will be) fresh basil from the grocery store; none of this dried basil for her!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Trying Kielbasa

at  HEB  gg  tried Kielbasa and discovered she liked it!!  She informed her mama that she wanted to try it.  Mama says she is going to get it  when we go grocery shopping in November.  I cannot wait to cook it.